Pastor Sunday Afternoon

My friend and fellow laborer in Christ, Marty Schoenleber Jr, wrote a post on Facebook that I must share. Marty has a heart for the Lord, for the Lord’s people, and for those who shepherd local flocks. He nails the experience that pastors have on Sunday evenings while reflecting on the day. An encouraging word from a caring brother–pastors, you are not alone! Thanks, Marty.

Having a typical “pastor Sunday afternoon.” What does that mean? you ask. Like most pastors, a mixture of fatigue, regret and hope. Fatigue because standing and delivering the word of life to a congregation is emotionally and physically exhausting in a way that most don’t understand. The burden of knowing that people need the word of life, that it is not me they need to hear but God, that critical decisions are being made in people’s lives and they need the wisdom of God

And then there is the regret that you never get it right. This point could have been clearer. That point was made with the right force. Did they get it? Do they know why this is important? How will the congregation live this out this week? Did the message give God His proper place? Did I help them to see God more clearly?

And finally, hope. I hope they will forget everything that is unhelpful and remember only what will help them to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Every pastor, every teacher goes through periods of low-grade depression and malaise over this work. And so this afternoon, I went back and read some of my earlier posts on preaching and reminded my heart that this is what I want to try to do this week, and the next week, and the next week, until Jesus calls me home.

4 thoughts on “Pastor Sunday Afternoon


    Terry, thanks for sharing that post. I understand just a tat. Sharing the heart of God is an awesome responsibility and I can’t even imagine what the enemy tries to do to discourage you. I know one thing though, we all must keep pushing on because this is our calling and this is the way our Savior has chosen to bring lost souls to him. We must have a broken heart for the lost, just like he does. I love and appreciate you so much. Yesterday’s sermon was awesome as always!!!!!

    1. Becky, thanks so much…especially for all your prayers for me as a messenger, and for those hearing the message! Oh, that men and women would plunge into God’s marvelous grace. Again, thanks!

  2. Rev Fitch retired from the United Methodist church only to return at a new, start up church called Sunday Afternoon Fellowship; we lease space from the Unitarian Church on Franklin and Geary street s. We are a small congregation of many faith s and ages that happens to be LGBT friendly; SAF is my spiritual oasis!

    1. If by “LGBT” friendly you mean welcome to hear the gospel and treated with respect, then praise the Lord. If you mean accepting the behavior of LGBT as a Christian lifestyle, then your spiritual oasis is an unbiblical group therapy that is not Christian and only facilitates the destruction of lost souls.

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