The Power of Singing!

Lifted handsI feel that many times we underestimate the power of singing. When the presence of the Holy Spirit permeates our being, our songs are highways of evangelism and life to those walking in darkness. However, as the old saying goes, “A song is not a song until you sing it.” This became ever so true to me as I recently received this testimony from the missionaries I train in India. I pray you will take a moment and let it sink in on the many levels that are present throughout this testimony. Through singing and worship we can reveal the power of the Gospel to others. (The names are changed to protect all involved from radical Muslims and Hindus.)

My name is Sada. I really thank God for the Project India ministries , through which Lord has changed me completely and I received Jesus Christ as my Savior. Joy and hope has come into my life.
In 2013 I was planning to running and jumping in front of a train to kill myself. I had no peace, no employment, and starvation and poverty was ruling over my family.
I have visited 1347 Hindu gods and goddess temples asking them to give peace, joy, happiness and victory over my difficulties over poverty, and I have waited many years for them to answer me, but I never received an answer.

My life was up and down with no hope or peace. I felt that maybe the past sins of my forefathers or my father and mother or the sins I have committed while I was younger were the cause of these problems that I am facing today.
I began saying that there are no gods and goddess, if there is really gods and goddess why are they not giving answers to my problems and difficulties? After some time I became an atheist and believed that god never exits.  

My problems were killing me every day and night as I began having many sleepless nights. That was what led me to end my life by jumping in front of a train. I set the next day as the time to do it. On the night before as I was laying on my bed I was hearing the singing of joyful songs on the next street. They were also sharing hope and salvation through p.a. sound system. Someone is share about the Lord Jesus Christ  and his love. They described how Jesus gave his life for the sins of all human beings and that through his blood we can receive salvation, hope, and joy. I left my bed and came to the outreach to see what is going on.
Someone in the crowd told me, “These group of men are Project India church planters sharing about the new god that we never heard about. They are sharing some testimonies and singing  and many other things.” They shared about healings and miracles that happened and what the Lord Jesus had done in the other villages and in project India churches. After that a church planter, Ramo shared the gospel. It was such awesome and interesting, after that  those men asking the people, how many of you want to believe in Jesus and fellow him? There were 21 people and I was the 21st person. I raised up that my hand even though I still did not understand who Jesus was. All I knew is that I love him.
Soon after the outreach they come and talking to the people who who wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus and they gave each a track message, “THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST” written by pastor Terry Ivy. There were 4 points in this tract:
This track changed me completely and I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I cried many hours after reading this track as I felt the love of Jesus Christ comforting me. I really thank God for this awesome group of church planters who are so loving and kind towards the people.
I received the peace and joy of salvation in my life after reading the track message and going through the sinners prayer. I also received water baptism as a new believer. Later I shared this good news to my family. My mother and father and my 3 sisters also welcomed Jesus as their Lord as I shared this track message from pastor Terry Ivy. Now, we are all attending the Project India Church at ________.
My family thanks God for Pastor Terry and his family and for the brothers and sister there in USA who are standing with him and helping him train the men for the church planting.
Let me share the great miracle that has taken place in my life. As I was looking for a job, I applied for the national police training program. I was accepted in 2014 into the groups the trainees. In my training I was 1st  in my batch in running and jumping and won many awards. In Spring of 2015 I got a job in New Dehli in national police team. No more poverty in our family… many blessings.
I really thank God for Project India ministries which did bring the great light of the gospel into my life. I have received such awesome blessings. I just want thank all the project india team of church planters and churches who prayed for me. I want to give thanks soooo much to Pastor Terry for his love for the poor Indian rural people and for his vision. I want hug him and kiss him and can’t wait to see him when he visits to india.
Thank you

Next time you are tempted to not focus during the worship time, or not think it is significant, please remember Sada. The joyous singing of believers led him to Calvary’s Cross and into eternal life! That is something to sing about. 

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