Raising Heros

Boys - YoungThe world looks for heroes. Every generation longs for them. Heroes give us hope for a world gone crazy. They give us reasons to continue and a desire for better things.

I’m convinced we look in the wrong places; hollywood, pop music, books and movies. If you are like me, you realized that the real heroes of life comes from the little feet that roam through your house. Yes, our children are heroes. Sometimes we get too busy with the hardships of rearing children that we fail to see and recognize the potential they have. They are the hope for the future…they are the real heroes.

As a father whose children have grown, I become aware more and more that the real heroes in my life were my three boys. Each being different, but providing a unique gift and reflection of God’s character before their mother and me. I wish I would have seen with clarity what I do now. I needed to look no further for heroes than the constantly active little boys and laughing voices that were running through the house.

My oldest is Joshua. He is athletically gifted with exceptional hand-eye coordination. His talents on the golf course were second to none. However, his greatest talent is a burden for the poor and underprivileged, the outcast of society and the broken. His deeds always pointed toward being a ‘doer, and not just a listener.’ He is a hero of actions. If faith without works is dead, then his faith is certainly alive and in good health!

My middle son is Joseph. He is the ‘gentle giant.’ That is the nickname that ladies of the church gave him as he grew into manhood. He has physical strength beyond the normal measure, but it is his heart of tenderness that stands out. His endurance and strength placed him in national canoe races where he won many medals. However, his gentle spirit and compassion is convicting and refreshing. He is a hero of gentleness. He is a giver and a tender man that is like ‘velvet steel.’ He will stand strong, but always with God’s gentleness.

My youngest son is Joel. He is the sharp witted, but deep thinker. His ability to grasp concepts, arguments and distill complexities into simple conclusions is refreshing. His athletic ability was bike racing and running, with rewards of many trophies and medals. However, his swiftness of thought is what stands out. He is a hero of diligent study. He has cultivated a mind of deep thinking and disciplined analysis, and it is convicting that such a young man has such a strong grasp of biblical theology and apologetics.

These three men are my heroes! One calls me to action, one to gentleness and one to disciplined thinking. What more could a father ask for?

Solomon said that a “Threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Eccl. 4:12)

By God’s grace, He blessed me with a threefold cord. That is, three boys who constantly provide me with beautiful angles into the heart of God.

Thank you, Joshua, Joseph and Joel.

You guys are my Heroes!!

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