Dear ISIS…a letter from Beelzebub

I don’t get involved in political issues much, but if I was the enemy of mankind, this is a letter I would write to ISIS concerning the destruction of America. In the spirit of C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape” character, I offer this post.


Dear ISIS,

mask of IslamThis is your supreme commander, General Beelzebub. You have been working successfully toward our goal of world domination. In order to help you to continue to further our goals upon the earth, I would like to give you some tips and schematic outlines for success. My advice especially involves conquering that evil nation known as America.

  1. Everything must be done in the dark and with deception. The people of America must not understand the true doctrine and message of Islam. We must keep our identity hidden at all costs.
  2. Keep them off balance concerning the person of Muhammad. Present the ‘peaceful’ or Meccan passages of the Quran and keep them in blinders to the harsh Medina passages of violence, rape and murder.
  3. Use the news media to promote the moderate elements of Islam as the true message of Muhammed. Do not let them see that ISIS follows the genuine message of the Quran. Make them think you are radical…do not let them see that ISIS is normal and the ‘moderates’ fail to obey the Quran.
  4. By making them think you are radical, they will fail to understand that Islam is inherently violent and that Muhammed was one of my faithful servants of rape, murder, lies and deception.
  5. Use the freedoms of America to work against them, especially freedom of religion. Convince them that Islam is a religion of worship, instead of being a compulsory belief system of control and violence encompassing the full spectrum of life.
  6. Make their national leaders ignorant of the fact that Islam is a political, economic, and social belief system masquerading as religious worship. You can slip in the political, economic and social restrictions by making them focus on ‘freedom of worship.’
  7. In their attempt to be politically correct, deceive their leaders to appoint Muslims to high ranking positions throughout the government framework. This will help accomplish many long range goals.
  8. In their pride of tolerance, convince their electorate to support leaders who are sympathetic to Islam and ignorant of Muhammed’s violent life.
  9. Move the political machinery of America to fight and protect illegal immigrants in order to slip in sleeper cells and unsuspecting jihadists.
  10. Use some of the ‘moderate followers’ of Allah as pawns to project an image of tolerance and co-existence of Islam with other religions until we can become a power broker at the table of political decision making.
  11. Plant jihadists among the refugees in order to get access into their country without sufficient background checks or vetting.
  12. Convince their leaders to wave the banner of tolerance UNTIL we become powerful enough to become the intolerant leaders among them.
  13. Do not let them discover that ‘lying for the cause of Allah’ is an honorable practice according to the Quran. Fool them into thinking that all Muslims are honest and peaceful. Do not let them read that the Quran commands to kill those who reject Islam, and control and tax those who submit.
  14. Force them to equate Muslims as regular immigrants with a desire for prosperity and peace. They MUST NOT see that our goal is world dominance.
  15. Continue to push their leaders for ‘gun control.’ That way it will open the door for more soft targets to be hit upon our choosing. The more ‘gun control’ we have the greater collateral damage we can accomplish.
  16. Do not fear over a few days or months of negative press from our terrorizing attacks. Remember that within a couple of years after 911 they became even more open to Islam even though we killed over 3,000 of their citizens. Their memory is short!
  17. Time is on our side as long as they fail to see that ISIS is the real practice of the Quran.
  18. Keep the peaceful majority of Muslims in America from actually studying the teaching of Muhammed, lest they see through the veneer, recognize his true identity, and renounce him as the wicked man he was. We need these ‘sweet Muslims’ as our front to create the smoke and mirrors for our movements.
  19. Use their religious standard of LOVE for your advantage. Make them think that accountability and consequences do not fit their religious belief of grace. Continue to pervert their view of love by making them believe they are following the New Testament when they accept Islam as a peaceful and equal religion.
  20. Do these simple things and the doors of the nation will remain open to our plan!

I will send forth more angels of darkness to help you accomplish these goals. Continue to move in the shadows by keeping the populace ignorant of Islam’s true identity. This should be easy, as most of them do not really understand their own religion of Christianity. Do these things with diligence and you will win.

Your General,

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