San Bernardino and the Talking Heads

San BernardinoBy now, all are aware of the Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. A married muslim couple walked into a Christmas party and opened fire upon the very people who had celebrated the birth of their child. When the day ended, fourteen Americans were dead and twenty-one more wounded. Militant Islamic Jihad revealed its presence in the Golden State. This is only the beginning of tragedies that are headed to the shores of our beautiful country. Whenever a nation and its political leaders choose to hide their heads in the sand of denial, it is only a matter of time before what is denied crashes upon its shores.

First, there is President Obama, who claims to be a Christian. But in every major policy and speech, his actions look more like those of an atheist or a Muslim. He spends more time lecturing the American public about respect to Muslims than he does going after Islamic terrorists who desire to kill Americans. His administration is filled with Muslims who sympathize with Islamic terrorists organizations. And they are responsible for helping to forge America’s domestic and foreign policies concerning ISIS and Islamic terrorism. President Obama either a) doesn’t understand the existential threats of Islam, or b) understands it but secretly wants to change the face of America. That’s another debate.

Then there is the liberal news media. Most of them could not recognize truth if it was monogrammed on their shirt. They assume to tell us what the American people want, but only if it fits their narrative for a socialist, anti-Christian, no guns, liberal society. For the most part they are the re-visited ghosts of Hitler’s propaganda machine, demanding that the public embrace Obama’s vision for America. They have sold the average voter short on intelligence, and the backlash we see toward the liberal left politics is only the beginning. They wage war on police officers, Christians who speak out, conservative values, the unborn, and sections of the Constitution they do not like. They march to the tune of their own Mein Kampf, and it looks nothing like the America our forefathers founded or the one we love.

Then there is Donald Trump. Everywhere we read or research about politics, he is grabbing the headlines by making uncouth, unwise, and unsubstantiated statements. His opponents are constantly playing catch up as they are asked to respond to Trump’s latest off-the-cuff statements. Like him or hate him, the others can not ignore him. He has tapped into the anger among the American electorate by offering his ‘sick of politically correct’ answers. He is the anti-politician in the race. However, one must wonder, how many wars would his mouth get our nation into? Or how many allies would he disrespect if they ever questioned his position?

Then we have Russell Moore. He is the President for the Southern Baptist ethics and religious liberty commission. Moore comments on many of the issues in our country and has a great responsibility to be the spokesman for the largest Protestant group in the United States. He attempts to give a Christian response and reflection. However, his reflections are nothing more than uninformed ponderings that fail to offer viable and real life answers. He offers good ethical implications and moral boundaries from a conservative theological framework, but fails to give ‘boots on the ground’ alternatives and offer Americans (and especially Christians) answers to live by. Concerning Islam, Moore, like most other national ministries, seems to fail to understand the inherent tenets and doctrines of this violent religion. We must have a clearer voice!

There are many others. Our airwaves are filled with opinions, opinions, and more opinions!

We have enough talking heads that give us theoretical opinions, religious opinions, liberal opinions and political opinions. Each come from their solitary angle and fail to see the whole picture. They grab ‘one finger of the argument’ and think they have the whole hand. Until someone offers an answer from a worldview that considers every angle (philosophical, political, historical, religious, national, security, and libertarian), then the talking heads will continue, and so will the useless opinions.

It is time for the Church to hit our knees in prayer. It is time for wise men to give voice to real life answers. It is time to insist on grown up leadership. It is time our pastors give clarity to their congregations concerning the issues. It is time for the Church to be silent no more! Believers are looking for practical answers. They are looking for understanding. And few are offering it.

Our country needs more than another community leader, business man, family name or crooked attorney. Our country is in labor pains for real political leadership, and if we don’t find it soon, I’m afraid our nation it is going to give birth to more foolishness and to more irrational policies.

Oh, that the Lord would grant our country a leader like a Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, or Ronald Reagan. A leader who will step forth with insight, conviction and discernment, and grab this bull by the horns.

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