From Allah to Jesus

BehaTraining church planters in India, raising support for orphans and missionaries, writing gospel tracks, and preaching through technology can be laborious, especially when all of that is on top of leading a church here in the USA. However, whenever I get a testimony like I just received, all I can do is fall on my knees before the Lord and thank Him for allowing me to be a small part of His work of the great commission.

This is the testimony I recently received from Beha*, who is pictured to the left. Read through the entire story and you’ll see the miraculous change that only Christ can do in the hearts of people. The entire testimony is below, including the words she capitalized for emphasis.

My name is Beha* I was born in a very strong Muslim family. Every day meditating and following the Quran.

I would like to share what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in my life. It is such a great miracle that has happened in my life. I got married 15 years back but don’t have any children. I went to the many hospitals and gone through many medical tests. All the doctors declared that I will never get pregnant to bare children in my life because the tubes which is in my womb are completely damaged and very black. Then I cried before the lord Allah…. I asked him……. if you are there for me, grant me a child. This was the prayer I have been doing for the last 15 years along with fasting for 4 days every week.

But there was no answer ……….. from my god.

And I did not know what I have to do… I tried to attempt suicide myself because I could not bear to hear what my neighbors kept telling me everyday. They said that I am a cursed women and have done many sins in my past and that is why Allah will not bless me with children. They also continued telling me that I have done many unforgivable sin and because of that, the LORD Allah  does not show his kindness and mercy in my life. While I was hearing all these things, I was peaceless……and mindless.

Lastly, I decided to commit suicide by jumping into the river ______ * at the city called ____.* While I was going to the river I hear a team of men singing with joy. After that singing, one of the man from that team ESAK, a project India Church planter, shared God’s Word in the street.

He said………Jesus died for you …. he came to this world to save you, he can forgive all our sins, and give a new life. Also, he was reading the track message of pastor Terry Ivy… while he was sharing about Jesus and His cross. He discussed compassion, love and mercy and forgiveness. Pastor ESAK also shared that nothing is impossible with Jesus and that Jesus can make a way where there is no way. You can give your life to Jesus, he is there for you.

Also, another church planter, YOHAN, shared some testimonies about what the Lord is doing in the project India churches. I was touched by those testimonies. After that, the team asked the people how many of you want give your life to Jesus. I was one along with 23 people. They led us in the sinners prayer and then talked to me personally. They really encouraged me to come to the project India church in _____.*

I have been attending to the church for the past year and a half. While I was attending church, my religious people wanted to kill me. They excommunicated me from them and from the MUSLIM  RELIGION. I decided no matter whatever cost it would be, I just want to follow Jesus in my life. My mother-in-law and father-in-law sent me out of the home because I welcomed Jesus into my life. Even my husband left me because I believe on Jesus. No matter, I never gave up. I stood on my faith. The Lord brought such great change in my husband’s life and he came back to me after 2 months. I shared the gospel to him and he is coming to the church with me.

I want to tell…I have peace, a new life, joy, and eternal life. One more GOOD NEWS IS THAT THE LORD BLESSED ME WITH A BABY BOY. I really thank God for the project India church planters team. I come to know about the founder of project India, pastor Terry Ivy and his messages and passion for the training the leaders and planting the churches. Because of his vision I come to know Jesus and experienced the love and miracle of God …




A special thanks to all who have helped financially support and pray for the work of Project India. The above testimony may have been addressed to me, but it is YOUR WORK and sacrifice that has made it possible. It is YOUR reward!


* Names and places have been changed or left blank for security reasons.

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