Radicalized – the “Red Herring”

RadicalIn today’s constant terrorist activity news cycle, whenever an attack from Islamic jihadists occurs, the word “radicalized” is regularly tossed out. The impression is to convey the thought that a radicalized Muslim has abandoned the faith of Islam and taken on a violent and non-Islamic path of terror. This is a red herring (diversionary attempt) with the goal of being politically correct and to try and appease the Muslim community.

Are most Western Muslims violent? No. Most are peaceful and simply want to have a life of success with acceptance in our democracy, while providing for their families. However, there is no easy way to state the truth and keep it from stinging–Islam is a violent religion at its core. Based upon the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad in the Hadith, Islam teaches, promotes and endorses extreme violence against those who reject it.

Peaceful and law-abiding Muslims are those who have either rejected parts of the Quran and Hadith, or who fail to know the violent teachings contained in them. These facts become the greatest avenue to reach Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can offer them a coherent and truthful worldview that upholds the supreme ethic of love as its highest standard, while showing them the violent teachings of Islam.

All it takes for a Muslim to be a “radical” jihadist, is for him to simply believe in the truthfulness of the Quran and Hadith, gain the knowledge that they teach and command violence, and then simply obey those commands. In short, what the news media calls a radical Muslim is a faithful Muslim! 

The main stream media is constantly trying to place jihadists into a non-Muslim category (radical) in order to preserve the validity of Islam. We must stop this political correct madness. When ISIS proclaims that the westernized peaceful Muslims are unfaithful to the Quran and Hadith, they are correct. However, the peaceful Muslims are usually not intentionally disobeying their religious texts. Most just simply do not know about the violence in the Quran and Hadith. This is one of our major points of entry into the life of our Muslim friends when sharing our faith with them. When they see the inherit violent nature of Islam, some western Muslims will turn to Christ. This usually takes years of friendship with honest and respectful dialogue about the origins of Islam and the violent history of Muhammad.

Islam contains a complex mixture of social, economic, cultural, governmental and religious strands to it. It is not simply a “faith system” of existential longings. Neither does it give freedom of diverse expression to other faiths when it is in the majority. For example, in the Islamic nations, such as Saudi Arabia, they still behead, cut off hands, deny women’s rights, forbid evangelism, and execute any Muslim who converts to Christ. But you will not hear the news media call Saudi Arabia leaders or the nation “radical.” Why not? They are as much a violent nation against human rights within their borders as ISIS is. Saudi leaders simply do within their borders what ISIS wants to do globally.

When a Muslim embraces the full teachings of Allah and Muhammad, he will become violent, sectarian, and intolerant. The news media calls this radical, meaning one who has departed from tradition. However, a violent Muslim is simply a faithful Muslim who obeys Islamic tradition. Islamic tradition is what Saudi Arabia, Iran, and ISIS obey. It is also what jihadist terrorists obey! That is why applying radical to terrorists is a red herring.

When a man believes, learns and obeys Muhammad, he will hate his enemies and walk in violence toward them.

When a man believes, learns and obeys the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles, he will love his enemies and walk in grace toward them.

The difference is startling and clear!

2 thoughts on “Radicalized – the “Red Herring”

  1. Well said my brother. Well said. Love for our friends who are Muslim demands that we know and understand what Islam is and how the gospel is not only superior but the truth about right relationship with the Living God.

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