Passion Born Out of Conflict

Conflict PassionConflict is painful. It presses us beyond our strength and understanding, and forces us to seek solutions outside the box of our perception. Once we have faced conflict through the truth of Scriptures, a passion from God ignites in our soul concerning what we discover. It is that passion that plunges us into new dimensions of faith and a Spirit-filled walk.

Christian faith is filled with passion. It only becomes passionless when we fail to cultivate intimacy with our risen Lord. For believers there are several areas of interest concerning passion, and each one of them is born out of some type of conflict. Here are five:

  1. Passion for the Cross – this is born out the conflict of desiring to walk and live in victory over the works of the flesh and the temptations of the enemy. Our passion for victory compels us into a burning passion for the power of the Cross.
  2. Passion for loving others – this is born out of the conflict of realizing the grace and mercy we constantly need, and extending to it to those dying in sin without the gospel, and/or those struggling with spiritual defeat. Our passion about God’s love toward us compels us to love others “while they are still in their sin.”
  3. Passion for teaching – this is born out of the painful conflict of understanding that “people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” It becomes the hot coal from the altar of prayer for every type of leader in the Christian community. Our passion over how the truths of God’s Word have delivered us compels us to passionately share with others.
  4. Passion for worship – this is born out of the conflict of realizing that my greatest point of integration is constant communion with Christ through the Holy Spirit. Worship is simply saying “Amen” to what God says about Himself and about us, and then adoring Him with our whole being in adoration and praise. And because prayer is element of worship, passionate worship leads to passionate prayer. The longings of our heart for God’s intimate care compels us into passionate worship.
  5. Passion for service – this is born out of the conflict of wanting to be more like Jesus and seeing that His life was not about being served, but about serving others. The conflict rising from evaluating our failure to emulate Jesus’ example compels us to see that an ego-driven goal is the path to death and meaninglessness, and this makes us passionate about serving others.

What is the source of godly passion? I believe that throughout the Scriptures we find that all godly passion is born out of some type of conflict. Let us take our spiritual conflicts, search out the teachings of the Bible, get wise counsel from a passionate believer or leader, and lay before the Lord in prayer and yield to the fire of His heavenly passion.

If you are struggling with lack of passion, don’t run from your conflicts. Get with the Lord in prayer and meet those conflicts head-on!!

Passion is being birthed…

And the world is waiting for, and in need of, a passionate example of the gospel.

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