Maybe… Just Maybe!

Who would have thought the political campaign would still be going? I guess the question about how Hillary could possibly lose the election is beyond the comprehension of some people. America seems to have reached a boiling point of nausea about the failure of Washington to hear the voices of working class men and women.

electionWe had two very flawed major candidates. And those who are in power in D.C. and in the main stream media can not find it within themselves why the nation chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. Could there be reasons she lost, or a combination of reasons, that the liberal left refuses to see or acknowledge?

Well, maybe…just maybe Hillary lost because…

1. The working class that pays the bills is tired of being trampled over.
2. God fearing people are tired of being told they must be quiet and let the secularists take over.
3. Democracy loving people are seeing the socialism promoted by the far left.
4. Honest people are tired of being lectured by Obama on how to respond to Muslims while he refuses to distinguish between terrorists and peaceful Muslims.
5. Hard working Americans are tired of the government refusing to keep government spending in check.
6. Constitutional Americans are tired of the attacks on the Constitution.
7. God fearing Americans are tired of the calloused murder of millions of unborn children.
8. Biblically literate believers see through the Machiavellian religious tactics of Obama and Hillary to use ‘God words’ to deceive the public.
9. Tax paying families are tired of going to the grocery store to pick up a few items of need, while healthy but ‘refusing to work’ people fill their shopping carts with the best of the best only to pull out EBT cards. Therefore, the tax paying families are tired of subsidizing the laziness of the able bodied.
10. God fearing families are tired of the radical homosexual agenda being forced upon them.
11. Honest Americans are tired of being lied to by Hillary concerning four dead men in Benghazi.
12. Truth seeking Americans, while not liking cyber attacks, do at least thank Wikileaks for revealing the truth about what the DNC and Clintons ‘actually’ think about the American people. We just find it a tragedy that it takes espionage to reveal truth to us because the MSM fails to report honestly in order to promote their narrative.
13. Honest Americans are tired of the left leaning main stream media attempting to dictate how we should think and how we should act. We do not want to be like them, act like them, talk like them, or emulate them in any way.
14. Christian Americans are tired of Obama dividing the country over race by promoting BLM, which is the flip side to the KKK. We reject racism from every corner—white against black, black against white, etc. And Hillary wanted to keep the division going.
15. Family centered Americans reject the failure of Obama and Hillary of refusing or unwilling to see the need to keep pedophiles and perverse men out of little girl’s restrooms.
16. Law abiding citizens are tired of Obama/Hillary not supporting law enforcement officials while quickly coming to the defense of criminals who had to be stopped with force. We see through the false narrative promoted by their pundits.
17. Patriotic Americans are tired of the international policies that weakened the country.
18. Veteran Americans are tired of the continual depletion of our military.
19. Compassionate Americans, while offering care to the needy, see the need to vet and deal with the influx of Muslim refugees that only desire to harm our nation. (We see the tragedies in Europe and don’t want them on our shores!)
20. Hard working Americans see the need to have a system of law and order for all immigrants coming into the country.
21. Law abiding citizens are tired of seeing a justice department going after law abiding citizens while turning their eyes away from the criminal activities of their political friends.
22. Americans saw the ‘play for pay’ racket run by the Clintons and realized their motive is about their own personal gain and not for honest working Americans.

Maybe…just maybe, classifying the hard working, tax paying, God-fearing, honest living, law abiding citizens as ‘deplorables’ had something to do with it. Yes…I’m sure it did!

And while Donald Trump was not the first, second or third choice for many of us because of his personal moral issues, his political willingness to confront and offer change to the insanity we see happening in our country is less scary than the thought of Hillary’s continuation of the failed policies of Barrack Obama, and her personal and political moral failures. We are not sure what all Trump may do, but we are very sure what Hillary would do and we don’t like it.

We the people prayed for and hoped for the best from Barrack Obama. He was a tragic failure for hope and change, as scandals, incompetence, and division earmarked his leadership. We pray for and hope the best for Donald Trump… we will wait and see… and we will be the first to stand against him if he doesn’t follow through on his promises!


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