Jihad Rising

This will be a difficult post to communicate clearly for a couple of reasons. First, because so many Americans are unfamiliar with the international intent of the Islamic religion. Second, because Americans seems to see things with a narrow myopic view. It will be challenging for some to see, rejected by others, and appear to be a warning to others.

jihadDonald Trump’s election will bring an increase of unrest and danger. I’m not talking about the protests and complaining we have witnessed from the left leaning socialist ideologues. Instead, I’m honing in on the underlying mantra and intentions of those who embrace Islam. Islam, at its core, is more than a simple belief system. It is a political, cultural, governmental, social, and religious belief system that creates a culture of control over its followers AND all non-believers who are allowed to live within its borders.

For eight years under the George W. Bush presidency, Islam had a friend. Even though it was under his presidential term that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon took place, Bush continued to tell the public that Islam had been hijacked by radicals and that it was a “religion of peace”. This is double talk and demonstrates both ignorance of Islam and an attempt to demonstrate political compromise.

Then, for eight years under President Barrack Obama, Islam had even a greater friend, as Obama filled his cabinet with Islamic believers who had ties to radical branches of Islam. Obama constantly lectured the American people about Islam’s peaceful nature, while at the same time, putting down Christianity with historical accounts of middle age persecutions. Obama used his ‘power of the pen’ to bring in thousands of Muslim immigrants without proper vetting or investigation. His policies have given Islam an unprecedented seat at the tables of power to manipulate and help set the stage to create American acceptance of Islam apart from really understanding Islam.

Radical Islam IS Islam. The Quran and the accepted Hadiths are filled with clarity on this issue. Those who claim to be peaceful loving Muslims, may indeed be peaceful and loving, but they are not faithful Muslims! In order for Muslims to be peaceful they must remove the violent and jihadist passages and teachings of Muhammad from their beliefs and doctrine. In other words, a peaceful Muslim is not a faithful Muslim. In fact, they will be labeled as apostates by faithful Muslims because in order to be peaceful they must reject the violent passages of the Quran, and to reject any portion of the Quran is apostasy. You can read more about this in a previous blog, “Radicalized – The Red Herring”.

Muslims are taught that it is ok to lie in order to gain advantage among non-muslims. They are taught, via intelligence gathered by the FBI in 2004 and through interrogations with the Khalid Sheihk Muhammad (the 911 mastermind) that Muslims should use the protective laws of Western countries to clothe their mission of spreading Islam. Also, the destruction of the West is helped by infiltrating government agencies. In other words, they use our religious liberties to speak out and promote hate for the American way of life, all while being supported by taxpayers through welfare. Americans are footing the bill for Muslim refugees to spread their propaganda of hate to destroy our country. Along with this, there are countless infiltrations of Islamic loyalists in high government positions who have the ear of major policy makers, including several past presidents.

All of this brings me to the point of this post.

We will see an uprising of Jihadi attempts in our country. With the Obama administration, and the infiltration of Muslim operatives in the federal government with questionable ties to terrorist organizations, Muslims as a whole have been able to view and participate in the inner workings of the government. Obama has even led the charge to release Muslim terrorists from Guantanamo prison in Cuba, even though, according to government statistics, over 30% of those released have returned to the battle field to re-engage in violent jihad against the West, which obviously includes Americans. Through the administrations of Bush and Obama, Muslims have been free to help promote an ‘informational jihad.’ This is the battle to help shape the ideas of a nation in order to work Islamic thinking into the psyche of the average citizen and to convince the masses of people, from the top down, that Islam is a religion of peace and should be a normal and accepted form of religion protected by freedom of religion. They have been greatly successful, as witnessed by the incompetence of the federal government and the higher institutions of education, in accomplishing a circle of protection from liberal elitists.

Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. It is a hate-filled belief system that seeks to kill their enemies, control territory through Sharia Law, and enforce adherence to its beliefs upon all of humanity. It is a belief system that is compulsory in every way and seeks to glorify Allah by dominating the world. When in the majority, Islam demands control upon the life of Muslims, and upon non-Muslims it forces either conversion, an unbelievers tax, or death. It demands death to homosexuals, forced servitude to women, and refuses to allow Muslims to leave the religion with the penalty of death for apostasy. Beheading and stoning are the accepted and practiced forms of capital punishment according to Sharia Law. Not all Muslims believe this, such as westernized Muslims or Ahmadiyya Muslims. However, when a Muslim is TRUE to Islam, they will believe and practice these things. The main stream news media and U.S. government attribute these violent practices to ‘radicalized Muslims.’ However, it is actually normal Islam and is understood easily by anyone who has studied it.

Here is the painful warning. Now that Americans are better understanding Islamic intentions, and their ‘under the cover’ workings are threatened by a new presidential administration that is willing to call them what they are, and Christian leaders are beginning to speak out, they will take their battle to the next level—to an outward, public and aggressive jihad. I hope I’m wrong, but I think we are going to begin to see an increase in terrorist activity from Muslim plants within our country during the next couple of years. Our law enforcement officials will thwart many of them and the public will not hear about most of those. However, the scale and efforts of these extremists will come to play against innocent citizens like never before seen in our country.

Muslim jihad comes in several categories. Here are the main three:

  1. Passive Jihad – calling for tolerance while in the minority or in a position of weakness.
  2. Informational Jihad – disseminating information to brainwash the gullible and make Islam seem like an honest and alternate form of worshipping God, and by whitewashing the violent character and ungodly life of Muhammad in order to bamboozle the masses. This step of jihad is what convinces politicians to call Islam a “religion of peace”. (This has been happening with tenacity and success for the past couple of decades.)
  3. Aggressive Jihad – promoting violent and terrorist activity when either in the majority or in a position of strength or freedom. (This is why immigration is so important to the long term cause of Islam.) Our government has sown the deadly seeds of religious tolerance to a violent belief system. We will reap the whirlwind.

We must pray as never before for our law officials and government homeland security agencies. Many on the political left will attempt to use the approaching violence as a platform of divisiveness to say that the violence is caused by a conservative president. Words like xenophobia and Islamophobia will be tossed out with great regularity by political and religious neophytes. However, the violence is inevitable as a result of an administration that seems to be  willing to call out the enemy and expose its ungodly agenda. Many will be fooled, many will be harmed, few will understand.

This is  not a call to fear…but to faith. We are called to “speak truth in love” and proclaim the Gospel to every creature. Jesus is the only way for a person to have their heart changed from hate to love, from violence to peace. The clear distinction between Islam and Christianity is growing brighter and brighter. We must not step back from the call to be the “light of the world.” We are called to make the Gospel clear, distinct and free. And if we fail to call out the evil works of Islam, we will fail to make the message that Jesus is “the way, and the truth, and the life” a clear trumpet.

“Kill your enemies” ~ Muhammad (Quran 2:191-193)

“Love your enemies.” ~ Jesus (Bible, Matthew 5:43-44)

The difference is clear!!

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