Great books for discipleship groups, leadership training or your personal study.


Praying_in_the_Spiri_Cover_for_KindlePraying in the Spirit
What is it? Who can do it? How do we do it?

Praying in the Spirit is not about a spiritual gift, but about learning to yield to the Holy Spirit’s leadership and strength in our prayer life. When we understand how to get out of the way and let God be God, we discover that prayer does not have to be carried out in the strength and energy of the flesh. Praying in the Spirit is not about flexing our spiritual muscles but about letting the Holy Spirit flex His. The Lord is calling us to enter prayer and trust His power rather than ours. Many essential topics to prayer are included within this book. (152 pages)

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Restorative Church Discipline
Rescuing and Healing the Wounded

As Christians, we have become experts at shooting our wounded. We watch an erring brother travel down a path of destruction bringing hurt and shame to his life and family, and what do we do? Usually nothing, or even worse, we join in the local gossip and slander about his sin. There are believers, including leaders, who are suffering from the wounds of their failures. They feel abandoned and forsaken. This book is a call for us to seek to restore them. They need us…and we need them! (230 pages)

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THUMBNAIL_IMAGE Trying spiritsTrying the Spirits 
Embracing Our Christian Responsibility To Test All Things

This book deals with the biblical dynamics of evaluating and judging teachings and manifestations. Many principles, along with references and biblical examples are looked at. If you want to know how to embrace the work of the Holy Spirit without getting caught up in the foolishness of the counterfeits, this book is for you! A great help for anyone desiring to understand the principles of Christian discernment. Good book to use for group Bible studies. (150 pages)

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Three Types of Division:
Understanding…the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

This book looks at and develops the three types of division seen in the New Testament. Two are tragic and one is from God. We need to understand all three in order to avoid the tragic ones and properly embrace the biblical one. Terry explores the passages which discuss division and looks at their application for the believer’s life. This subject is important if we desire to walk maturely before the Lord, and with wisdom toward all men. Easy to follow teaching which is great for group Bible studies. (55 pages)

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More of Terry’s Books Coming Soon! 

(Many going through final editing phase)

ReThinking Church (Dangerous Questions for Brave Men)

Church Government (The New Testament Pattern)

The Valley of Affliction (Digging Wells Through Life’s Afflictions)

Oh Lord, We Need Real Prophets (Understanding the Ministry of NT Prophets)

Leadership Training (Preparing Future Leaders and Church Planters)

Street Apologetics (Apologetics for the Average Man)

The Practical Christian Life (Understanding Scriptural Convictions, Personal Convictions and Personal Preferences)


Suggested Books for Further Reading

Below are other books recommended for your growth and challenge. This is a small sampling of a few of the books I have in my personal library. I have enjoyed and learned from these books over the years, and they cover a wide range of topics. (There are many more, but some of my favorites are out of print. Some of these listed below are very pricey and newer releases.) While I may not agree with everything taught in them, I feel they warrant your consideration for spiritual growth and discipleship. Some of these are heavy reading and not for the casual reader. In one way or another all are challenging to those who read with their mind and heart! Click the book for details. (A new window will open for viewing the book on

Theology/Commentaries/Study Helps

Book Charles Hodge

Norman Geisler theo

LewisSchaeffe STWycliffe CommentaryMatthew Henry CommVine's DictionaryKittel littleStrong's ConcordBooks WuestBook Zondervan EncycloBook Unger's DictBook Eusebius




Praying Hyde

AndrewM With Chirst

AndrewM Waiting

AW Tozer God tells the Man

AndrewM Humility

Bounds on PrayerRees howell IntercessorBook Ravenhill Revival praying

Church Planting/Missions/History

Roland Allen Missionary Methods

HudsonTaylor AutobiographyPicirilli Paul the ApostlePaulBarnett Rise of EarlyKenneth SL History of ChristianityBook Foxe Book of MartyrsBook William Carey


Alvin Plantinga WCB

Moreland Craig Philosophical F

Josh McD Evidence

Ravi Z Jesus Among

Craig Jesus Under Fire

Paul Barnett Is the NT reliable

Francis Schaeffer WorldviewBook Lewis Mere ChristianityBook Reasonable Faith








Spiritual Warfare/Culture

Carson Gagging of GodJesse PL War on the Saints