Answering Historical Objections to Christianity

ApologeticMany times when we present the Christian faith to a crowd or individual, we will get a strong push back reminding us of the horrors committed by Christians throughout history. It seems that people use this tactic of reaching back into ‘stonehenge’ to justify a rejection of faith. What should we do when people view the atrocities committed years ago as a static issue as if it happened today? How should we respond?

Unfortunately, this is a common objection we encounter whenever we present the Chrstian Worldview in any type of forum, discussion, or Q & A session, especially if any are aware of ancient or medieval history. Time is static to so many, however, with wisdom our response should restore it to fluidity. I have found that the best response is not the ‘ostrich’ or ‘distancing’ moves that ease us from the brutal reality of past sins within Christendom. In order to demonstrate honesty and integrity, we must take the questions head on by stepping up and admitting the mistakes that are associated with Christianity. I emphasize “associated” for a reason. (See below – Our Reponse) If we fail to face the music about the issue of the crusades, scandals, or hypocrisies of the past, we will be demonstrating a slanted view of reality and therefore fail to live consistent with our own worldview. This would make us no different from those in Islam, Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons who refuse to answer the character issues of the history of their movements. Continue reading “Answering Historical Objections to Christianity”

Faith is NOT a Leap

leap of faith2It greatly disturbs my heart when someone uses irrational, confusing and contradictory statements that are borrowed from existentialism or eastern philosophies and applies them to the Christian faith. Most on Facebook and twitter who share or post these sayings are usually assuming they are promoting ‘deep’ or ‘spiritual’ affirmations of faith. However, they reveal a lack of biblical pursuit to worship the Lord with all of our “heart, soul, and MIND.” (Matt. 22:37) The gospel of Jesus Christ engages the totality of man’s being, including his faculties of reason, emotion, will and intellect.

The Christian faith does not hang with its feet planted firmly in mid-air like relativism.¹ Instead, it is grounded in the propositional truth of Scriptures and in the revelation of Jesus Christ through God’s grace. We must never adopt the ebb and flow of philosophical synthesis in our pursuit of reasonable truth and rational faith. God has spoken. He has spoken clearly. He has spoken in the Bible. And nothing makes more sense than to place our trust in the God who created us and sent His Son to redeem us from our sin.

One such statement is that saving faith or the embracing of biblical truth is a “leap of faith.” Most who would use this term fail to realize that it has its roots in the teachings of Immanuel Kant and Soren Kierrkegard. These two men were responsible for dividing knowledge between reason and non-reason, applying the later to religious conviction and faith, and stating that faith is outside of rational verification and pursuit, and thereby giving rise to what became known as existentialism in the philosophical world, and Barthianism or Neo-Orthodoxy in the theological world. Of course, those who promote these epistemological dangers fail to see that they have committed the error of using reason to discount and reject reason. (Self-defeating) Continue reading “Faith is NOT a Leap”

Young Earth Controversy

UniverseThere are some godly men who believe in the young earth position. There are some godly men who do not accept its position of the earth being only 6,000 years old. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the young earth position is indefensible and presents a major hurdle in communicating to men who are versed in the sciences and are familiar with cosmology.

I get asked questions about the age of the universe, the earth, or man in many different settings. From small groups to Q & A with students and churches, this seems to be a topic of interest. Inquiry about this subject is important for anyone attempting to reach out and evangelize this generation. We cannot lift the draw bridge and hide in our small castles and expect to hide from the issue of geology or cosmology when standing upon the authority of Scriptures. A refresher course on how the Church dropped the ball in the Nicholaus Copernicus issue (ca. 1532 A.D.), when he proclaimed that the earth was not the center of our solar system but that the sun was, should be a quick reminder of our need for humility.

It is my opinion that young earth proponents are missing the mark. I do not believe the Bible tells us the age of the universe. In fact, it appears to go at great lengths to avoid the issue. Holding to the young earth position does not make a person more or less faithful to being a Christian. However, it will make a person less credible in the defense of the gospel to those outside a rigid fundamentalist view of Scripture. Continue reading “Young Earth Controversy”

Rumblings From Another World

Heat LighteningI’ve always been fascinated by lightening, especially heat lightening. It flashes and displays a power which is above and beyond our reach as we stand with our feet firmly planted on the ground. There is something mystical and yet knowable about it; something powerful and yet out of reach. It seems to call us to the fact that we are small participates on the stage of life and that we need to ‘look up’ to begin to understand true majesty. Heat lightening provides us with rumblings from another world.

New born and young children do the same thing as we count their fingers and toes or watch their innocent and funny smiles. Joy bursts forth as we face off with the mystery of life and the wonderment of uniqueness. Babies provide us with rumblings from another world.

Tragedy does the same thing. We watch day after day as the news media shares stories of heartache and horror. Our sensibilities and innate awareness of right and wrong makes our soul cry for justice as when we see the mistreatment of our fellow man. We know Continue reading “Rumblings From Another World”

It’s Not About The Ducks!

DuckThere has been a media firestorm since Phil Robertson, the founding member of Duck Dynasty, was quoted in a magazine interview and shared his opinions about homosexuality. The A&E network has suspended him from production indefinitely, and millions of followers of the show are coming to his defense. What was Phil’s great crime? What was him unimaginable statement that warranted this reaction from the media elites? He simply stated his beliefs about the sinfulness of homosexuality and the perversion about the lifestyle from a biblical perspective.

However, this issue is not about the ducks! Television is flooded with many programs that the average God-fearing American does not care to watch. Flood after flood of immoral and hetero-phobic programs are constantly shoved down our throats by the network elites, the main stream media and the political correct crowd of Washington D.C. The show Duck Dynasty simply gives parents a program to watch with their kids that does not require them to guard the remote for fear of some ungodly, immoral, perverted statement or action they did not feel was appropriate to have to discuss with their children every night. Families can relax and laugh together without concern over God’s name being used in vain, or Continue reading “It’s Not About The Ducks!”