2015 News and Updates


Number of New Church Plants since Dec. ’11 = 143

Number of New Converts since Dec. ’11 = 24.000

Total Number of Church Planters receiving support = 20


***10/22/15 – Our supporters have helped provide 274 more Bibles for the new believers. Also, our team has planted 6 more churches and prayed with many more to surrender to Christ. Please begin to pray with us for the training of 30 more church planters within the next 6 months. The harvest is plentiful and the need of laborers is great. We are planning on more Bibles in the next few weeks.

***8/04/15 – We’ve seen a great need for more Bibles as our team reaches more and more new believers. Since March, we have planted 8 more churches and prayed with over 2,000 more to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Thanks to all who are so faithful to support the work. Please pray for continued strength as the need for more tracts and instructions to new believers increases. Keep praying…keep trusting…keep giving. God bless!

***3/31/15 – We have provided over 200 Bibles since the beginning of the year and are planning on more within the next couple of weeks. Also, we have planted 11 new churches since the since January with over 3,000 new believers. Also, read the incredible testimony of a Hindu Priest who came to Christ. Please consider making a one time gift or monthly support. It is simple, just click here! It is safe and secure through PayPal. Thanks for you continual help!

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