Mondays Are For Recovery

Pastors will understand how Mondays are a special day for spiritual recovery. Sunday has ended, you’ve poured your heart and soul out to the sheep in prayer and teaching, you’re tired and needing rest. Mondays offer a much needed day of recuperation. Whenever possible, this should be a day to set aside a volume of time to do several things for the spiritual health and vitality of the leader. Here a 4 things I have found to be essential for recovery.

Quiet Time – Nothing recharges me more than quiet time before the Lord in prayer. Learning the discipline of silence in His presence is a great value. No phone calls, no text messages, etc. Just quiet time before the Lord! Give me a couple of hours of quiet time and I’m amazingly refreshed. (Psa. 46:10; Isa. 40:31)

Devotional – Reading materials which encourages my heart. Not study or research Continue reading “Mondays Are For Recovery”

Missionary, Church Planter or Apostle?

It is wonderful to see the resurgence of the biblical form of church government. We are living in an exciting time when young men are counting the cost of following Christ in order to preach the gospel to the outcasts and subculture in society. Along with this work, many have and are continuing to investigate and examine the Scriptures to discover that the leadership within the early New Testament church was much different than what we see in many mainline denominations. The biblical pattern of plurality of elders/bishops is the form being promoted by the large number of church plants. The health of local churches and church plants are enhanced by adherence to this NT truth. Continue reading “Missionary, Church Planter or Apostle?”

Wolves Among the Elders!

As the Apostle Paul was leaving Ephesus for the last time, he gathered the elders in order to give them necessary instruction concerning his example of leadership and ministry among them. In this final instruction he gave them a very grave warning concerning what would take place after his departure. We can learn a great deal from this short instruction. (Acts 20:17-38)

It is sobering to realize that Paul knew he was giving them the last instruction he would get to personally deliver. And yet, as he did with his last epistle to Timothy, he did not fail to give them serious warnings. Here at Ephesus he chose to include the following concerns in his message.

“I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them.” – Acts 20:29-30 (ESV)

Let’s briefly look at these important warnings.

1) It would be after Paul’s departure. Wolves and false elders would not make their move until the Apostle Paul was absent. Why? Because Paul would exercise his rightful Continue reading “Wolves Among the Elders!”