Christopher Hitchens – Without Excuse

The Apostle Paul wrote in the books of Romans that God has revealed Himself to every man. He teaches us that this knowledge is a result of creation and conscience. Because of this, every man is without excuse. (Rom. 1:18-20) Man’s rejection of God’s existence is not because there isn’t sufficient evidence. Rather, it is because he chooses to suppresses the evidence which exists.

Why would man suppress the witness of God’s existence through the voice of creation and conscience? Because man wants to justify his immorality and sin, and the only way to quiet his innate knowledge and conviction of his sin requires drowning his conscience. This can happen in several ways, however, I want to discuss something different in this post.

Christopher Hitchens died of esophageal cancer this week at the age of 62 in Houston, TX. Hitchens was one of the militant atheists who brazenly spoke against Christianity and those who believe it. He has become the hero and idol of thousands who Continue reading “Christopher Hitchens – Without Excuse”

Faith Is Not A Ride In A Cadillac

The Lord has called us to take up our cross and follow Him. Our Father offers a part, a ministry, to each of His children…we just need to pray and seek His leading and step into our place. The Americanized version of Christianity is foreign to the Scriptures and to the heart of every genuinely born again believer. Faith does not involve trusting Christ to give us a cadillac or plush house to live in ease. It calls us to come and die to our ways, and to embrace with joy a willingness to suffer for a greater good.

When God calls us into the place He has prepared for us, initially our hearts will be fearful and the task will seem impossible. That is why it is a call to faith. It requires a supply and a power outside of ourselves to accomplish. It calls us afresh to Christ crucified and resurrected. He wants to reveal His glory through these earthen vessels. (2Cor. 4:7)

Let us embrace the Cross of Jesus…the one with nails! Our version usually is overlaid with gold and has no sharp points…it doesn’t hurt. His cross bids us to surrender our will, die to our ways, suffer for His sake and love the unlovable. Continue reading “Faith Is Not A Ride In A Cadillac”

Marks of Mature Leadership – #2

The second mark which is present in mature leadership is the understanding and application of who we are in and through Christ. Leaders must learn to stand in the righteousness of Christ, finding their victory and completeness in the finished work of Calvary. It is not enough to only realize our inabilities to do God’s work apart from the empowerment and guidance of the Holy Spirit through brokenness and humility. If we stop here we could easily slide off into asceticism and monasticism, and thereby fail to respond to the Lord’s calling to go out as “sheep among wolves.” Times of retreat and prayer can be great and needful for our soul in the pursuit of seeking direction and intimacy. However, we are sent into the world, to preach to the world, to love those in the world, yet without being of the same spirit as the world!

The calling we have from the Lord to reach the world with the gospel requires us to understand who we are in Christ as a new creation. We will face mockers, slanderers, liars and militant atheists who get their thrill off of either getting an ungodly response from a believer, or in destroying their faith. The ungodly response is taken care of by Continue reading “Marks of Mature Leadership – #2”

Letter From a Terrorist

The power of the Gospel never ceases to amaze me. Satan seeks to destroys people’s lives by keeping them from experiencing the truth that “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself.” (2Cor. 5:19) The dark veil of unbelief that Satan uses to blind mankind is unable to resist the liberating power of truth spoken in love. Below is a testimony I just received from a hindu terrorist who came to an outreach meeting I spoke to, via telephone, in India. I will conceal the name and bits of information for obvious reasons. (The language is not smooth as it has gone through translation, but I wanted you to get the feel of the person.)

My name is R___. I have been suffering from evil spirits and bad dreams. I have gone to many people seeking deliverance and healing, but no one could. The doctors said, ‘we find no problem in your body. You are fully OK.’ I see and hear the evil spirits come to me saying we will take you to hell. Then Bro Continue reading “Letter From a Terrorist”

A River Runs Through It

A week ago, a small village in Eastern India was flooded by torrential rains. The rains caused the nearby river to flood and destroyed 24 homes. Some of these homes, which are nothing more than thatched huts, belonged to members of a small congregation I am working with. Eight members of this congregation of 45 were killed by the flooding river. The scene described to me was extremely sad.

I received another email early Saturday morning, September 17, concerning the situation. Brother John, the church planter I work with, asked me if I would speak to the church at their service on Sunday, September 18, via telephone. John, who is native Indian, would translate my message into their native language of Telugu. Of course I agreed. After working out the logistics and time, I spent the day in prayer. John called me around one in the morning central time to begin the service as they are 10 1/2 hours ahead of us.
Continue reading “A River Runs Through It”

Lessons From A Turtle

Yesterday, I took a 2 mile midday walk and jog. As I traveled along a track next to a reservoir near my house, I noticed a row of turtles sunning on a log in the water’s edge. As I approached their vicinity, the splashes began. First, the big turtles and then the smaller ones. However, there was this one little guy who stood his ground. This got me to thinking as I was gasping for air and finishing the last mile of my workout. Out of the whole long row of turtles, the one who seemed the least was the bravest!

I know it would be easy to contend that he was the most ignorant since he was the baby, and that the older ones were attempting to teach him safety, but the Lord was impressing something else on my heart… It doesn’t matter who makes the biggest splash or who appears to be the biggest. In the end, the faithful in heart will be able to stand in the midst of any threats. Continue reading “Lessons From A Turtle”

Living Among The Tombs

We become captivated by the story of Jesus meeting a man who lived among the tombs. (Mark 5:3) This story is one about how the power of Christ overcomes the forces of darkness and demonic oppression. Restraint from chains and shackles could not contain this man. Day and night he spent his life among those who were dead. However, Jesus set him free! Recently, I thought upon this story from the Gospels as I visited a famous graveyard in Savannah, GA. I began thinking and praying about this while driving home and realized that we are a society and church which mirrors much of what this man experienced…we live among the tombs!

After reading through the passage (Mark 5:1-20), here are several points I reflected upon as I considered the application of this story to our day. Continue reading “Living Among The Tombs”

The Three Jewels of Forgiveness

Forgiveness – the greatest privilege belonging to Christians. However, it is easy to miss the full application of this grace given to us. There are three important areas which forgiveness offers to us. I like to call them the “Three Jewels of Forgiveness.”

Jewel #1 – Forgiveness from God

First and foremost, those who have repented of their sin, through faith in the work of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross, have received forgiveness from God. This simply means that we have acknowledged that our sin has separated us from God, and that we through faith alone, accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. God grants us complete forgiveness, thereby, releasing us from the guilt and condemnation of our sins. This is great news! We become a ‘new creation’ Continue reading “The Three Jewels of Forgiveness”

Six Sources of Suffering

If we listen to the teaching of the popular ‘Word of Faith’ preachers, we would conclude that every person, if they have enough faith, will be healed. Of course these same teachers never give a thorough teaching on the subject, but only pick and choose verses which seem to prop up their faulty theology concerning Divine Healing. Also, they never pursue a reason why many whom they pray for do not get healed, or why they do not always get healing from their own afflictions. At best they are immature ministers who have never thoroughly studied the subject. At worse they are ‘snake oil’ salesmen pitching a get rich scheme which targets the biblical illiterate.

Let me say on the front end, the Lord still heals! Jesus is the same “yesterday, today and forever.” (Heb. 13:8) I have seen many believers healed as a direct result of praying for Continue reading “Six Sources of Suffering”