Rumblings From Another World

Heat LighteningI’ve always been fascinated by lightening, especially heat lightening. It flashes and displays a power which is above and beyond our reach as we stand with our feet firmly planted on the ground. There is something mystical and yet knowable about it; something powerful and yet out of reach. It seems to call us to the fact that we are small participates on the stage of life and that we need to ‘look up’ to begin to understand true majesty. Heat lightening provides us with rumblings from another world.

New born and young children do the same thing as we count their fingers and toes or watch their innocent and funny smiles. Joy bursts forth as we face off with the mystery of life and the wonderment of uniqueness. Babies provide us with rumblings from another world.

Tragedy does the same thing. We watch day after day as the news media shares stories of heartache and horror. Our sensibilities and innate awareness of right and wrong makes our soul cry for justice as when we see the mistreatment of our fellow man. We know Continue reading “Rumblings From Another World”

Politics – the Shibboleth of American Culture

Shibboleth of PoliticsIf I was Satan, the way I would divide believers in America is to force them to define their fellowship by the political party rather than by the gospel. Come to think of it, that is exactly what he has done. For the most part, Caucasians affiliate with the Republican party and African Americans affiliate with the Democratic party. It has become the Shibboleth of our Culture. Rather than standing for God’s Word and the truth He revealed in it, we sell our soul and divide from brothers over political party affiliation.

Christians give their allegiance to Christ and His Word… not to a political party or social institution of human ideals. It is a shame that most churches in America are known as right wing or left wing branches of Republican or Democratic demarcations. We should be know as Christ followers–period. That is, men and women of the Book.  Continue reading “Politics – the Shibboleth of American Culture”

It’s Not About The Ducks!

DuckThere has been a media firestorm since Phil Robertson, the founding member of Duck Dynasty, was quoted in a magazine interview and shared his opinions about homosexuality. The A&E network has suspended him from production indefinitely, and millions of followers of the show are coming to his defense. What was Phil’s great crime? What was him unimaginable statement that warranted this reaction from the media elites? He simply stated his beliefs about the sinfulness of homosexuality and the perversion about the lifestyle from a biblical perspective.

However, this issue is not about the ducks! Television is flooded with many programs that the average God-fearing American does not care to watch. Flood after flood of immoral and hetero-phobic programs are constantly shoved down our throats by the network elites, the main stream media and the political correct crowd of Washington D.C. The show Duck Dynasty simply gives parents a program to watch with their kids that does not require them to guard the remote for fear of some ungodly, immoral, perverted statement or action they did not feel was appropriate to have to discuss with their children every night. Families can relax and laugh together without concern over God’s name being used in vain, or Continue reading “It’s Not About The Ducks!”

What We Don’t Want to Hear

repentWhen most of us were in school, chewing gum or talking back to the teacher was the great violation. I certainly spent my fair share of time in the principles office and getting much needed paddlings and detention. My classmates and I were certainly not angels by any stretch of the imagination, but murdering children and teachers never entered our mind.

The school shooting which began the recent trend of tragedies in the United States began in Pearl High School in Pearl, Mississippi in 1997. I was less than two miles from the school when it took place. We can look back over the past fifteen years and see the continuation of this type of activity and ask, “Why?” What has happened to our youth? What is happening to our nation? How do we turn this tide of violence?

When I was in school, every morning we had a bible devotion. I even read it one morning in high school. I was more nervous than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I knew my life was ungodly and I was not right with God, but there was a healthy fear of God which abided upon me and our student body. Part of the reason for this healthy fear of God was because every day we started class with a bible devotion and prayer. Many of our teachers were Christians and they freely discussed the things of the Lord with us. They pointed us constantly to a higher level of accountability and toward a life of honesty, respect and discipline. Continue reading “What We Don’t Want to Hear”